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The Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) has changed considerably during the last decade. Revising our strategic plan during the last year has provided our Board and Staff an opportunity to think critically about broader opportunities in Pacific salmon conservation and how PSF should focus in the next four years. Given the challenged conservation state of many Pacific salmon stocks, we are mindful of the need for clarity about where we can make the most meaningful difference for Pacific salmon.

The most obvious change in our strategic plan is that we expanded our mission statement to better reflect the organization that we have become in 2020. In short, we added the statement that PSF is an “independent, thoughtful leader and catalyst.” These three words embody our core value proposition.

Independent: PSF acts first and foremost in the interest of the fish - Pacific salmon. We respect the many entities and people who have interests in Pacific salmon, but at the end of the day, our focus will be on doing what we believe is in the best interest of the health and sustainability of the fish and their habitat.

Thoughtful Leader: PSF will always take the time to collect, evaluate and disseminate the best evidence to inform our perspectives, programs, and policy advice in support of Pacific salmon. We are not adversarial nor partisan, because we believe it is in the best interest of Pacific salmon for all parties to work together. Broad collaboration and involvement are essential to our success for the Pacific salmon.

Catalyst: Government alone cannot restore Pacific salmon. As a nimble non-profit with strong ties in local communities and the private sector, PSF has the ability to move quickly and efficiently to help address critical gaps in Pacific salmon conservation. The best example of this is the salmon science and informatics work that PSF started in the last decade in collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, universities, First Nations and many others. Our findings and tools are leading to concrete changes in the conservation and management of Pacific salmon.

Please visit our Strategic Framework microsite to learn more about PSF and our Strategic Goals. Our Board and Staff consider strategic planning an organic and continuous process in order to be most effective and timely. We welcome your input!

Click here to download PSF’s Strategic Framework for 2020 – 2023.