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Conflicts Between Agriculture and Salmon in the Eastern Fraser Valley

Agriculture operations in the eastern Fraser Valley have resulted in substantial reductions in stream, wetland and riparian areas. The current intensification of agriculture operations continues to reduce aquatic habitat and put the area’s fisheries values at risk. Action is needed to conserve remaining aquatic habitat. The report gives credit to government agencies for initiating environmental […]


Sand and Gravel Management and Fish-Habitat Protection in British Columbia Salmon and Steelhead Steams

Sand, gravel and other sediments within and adjacnt to spawning and rearing streambeds are fundamental to the productivity of salmon and steelhead stocks. The high levels of production formerly seen in many of British Columbia’s chum, pink and sockeye populations were in part, the result of the conditions of spawning sediments, primarily gravel, available for […]


Reality Stewardship Survival of the Fittest for Community Salmon Groups

Report commissioned by the PFRCC and the Vancouver Foundation. Given funding cuts from government he report recommends strategies to survive including a focus on activities that will appeal to private donors and foundations. Projects are suggested that will allow volunteers and professionals to work together rather than compete for limited funds, and require the science-based […]


Making Sense of the Debate about Hatchery Impacts: Interactions Between Enhanced and Wild Salmon on Canada’s Pacific Coast

Report commissioned by the PFRCC. This report set out the various positions that had been expressed by scientists and others, with a focus on potential harmful interactions between enhanced and wild salmon. It explores the opinions and arguments surrounding the impacts and explains the various concepts, theories, practices and research in this field. Risks are […]


Freshwater Habitat

(Background paper by Mark Angelo and Marvin Rosenau, June 1999) Abstract: Salmon and steelhead habitats in BC are almost as varied as the province’s geography.


Strait of Georgia Biodiversity in Relation to Bull Kelp Abundance

Pacific Marine Life Surveys Incorporated (PMLS) has a unique database for Pacific Northwest marine life that includes seaweed identifications from 1983 on. Included in this database is dive log data for the Strait of Georgia, comprising some 3,137 dives in 358 sites. The data span a time period from 1967 to present. The logs contain […]


Applying the Salmon Stronghold Concept in Canada

The idea underlying Salmon Strongholds is to ensure thriving fish habitat conditions where it is most crucial to maintain the abundance, productivity and diversity of wild Pacific salmon species and populations. It emphasizes the prevention of problems and reduction of threats to wild salmon in geographical areas of particular importance, complementing the emphasis in recent […]


Perspectives on Salmon Enhancement and Hatcheries: What the Council Heard

This report summarizes what the Council heard during public meetings, one-on-one meetings with stakeholders and via written submissions related to the subject of salmon hatcheries. British Columbians believe that salmon hatcheries and enhancement activities are needed to protect wild salmon stocks. Many also believe that negative impacts of enhancement on wild salmon have either been […]