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Kluatantan River Steelhead: Summary of Current Content Data and Status Review, 1997

Summary This report summarizes the stock status, and current data available on, the Kluatantan River steelhead (Oncorhynchis mykiss) population. Total angler effort for steelhead, total catch of steelhead, and catch per unit effort trends on the Kluatantan River are summarized from the Steelhead Harvest Analysis database and from the Angling Guide Management System database. There […]


Utility of the steelhead harvest analysis in determining population trends and estimating escapement

Executive Summary Previous work has shown the Steelhead Harvest Analysis (SHA) to be biased because it is derived from mail out surveys, thus actual total catch and effort are difficult to determine. However, often it is assumed that catch-per-angler day (CpAD) derived form the survey can be used as abundance trend indicators under the assumption […]