2009 Skeena Sockeye Lakes Hydroacoustic Surveys

Executive Summary

Skeena Fisheries Commission (SFC) conducted hydroacoustic surveys at five sockeye rearing lakes in the Skeena Watershed. Shallow and glacial turbid lakes were selected in order to determine whether a horizontally oriented transducer in conjunction with conventional down-looking hydroacoustic methodology would effectively sample the top layers of lakes where fish are thought to be surface oriented. Surveys were conducted at Atna, Azuklotz, Kalum, Motase, and Slamgeesh Lakes. The horizontal transducer proved to be most effective at Atna, Azuklotz and Motase lakes. Overall fish density ranged from 49 fish/hectare at Atna Lake to 1,041 fish/hectare at Azuklotz lake.