Collaborative Development of Escapement Strategies for Fraser River Sockeye: Summary Report 2003 – 2008

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The Fraser River Sockeye Spawning Initiative (FRSSI) was a 6-year process to develop new guidelines for setting annual escapement and exploitation targets for Fraser sockeye stocks. In 2003 Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) committed to reviewing the rebuilding plan which had been in place since 1987, and established a collaborative planning process to incorporate new information and implement emerging policies.

The technical groundwork was laid through the development of a simulation model which was refined over three years and six workshops, leading up to an intensive two-year planning exercise that merged the FRSSI model into a pilot implementation of the integrated management processes envisioned under the Wild Salmon Policy. The new escapement strategies were fully implemented in 2007, and updated through the 2008 pre-season planning process.