Fraser Sockeye Escapement Strategy 2010: Model Overview and Summary of 2010 Planning Simulations (Draft 2)

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This document is intended as an information supplement to explain the work that went into developing draft options for the 2010 escapement strategy, which are included in the draft 2010 Pacific Region Integrated Fisheries Management Plan Salmon Southern B.C. (IFMP). These options and resulting pre-season fishing plans are now undergoing public review as part of the established pre-season planning consultations, particularly the annual review of the draft IFMP in March and April.

This document covers 4 topics:

  • An Introduction that retraces the Spawning Initiative over the last eight years, explains the fundamental concepts, and outlines priorities for future developments.
  • A Summary of 2010 Simulation Scenarios outlining assumptions and model specifications used to compare the long-term performance of alternative escapement strategies.
  • A detailed description of the rationale for the draft 2010 Escapement Strategy.
  • A section with Additional Considerations, which summarizes simulations that explored the implications of (1) reduced productivity scenarios and (2) changing the minimum exploitation rate associated with each escapement strategy.

The following reference materials are included in this memo:

  • Concepts and terminology are summarized in Figure 1 (p. 12). More technical details are included in the
    Technical Appendix (p. 26).
  • Escapement options evaluated during the planning process are detailed in Table 1 (p. 23).
  • Interim benchmarks and past escapements are summarized in Table 2 (p. 25).

A summary report describing the Spawning Initiative is available on-line: Pestal, Ryall, and Cass (2008) Collaborative development of escapement strategies for Fraser River sockeye: summary report 2003-2008. Canadian Manuscript Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2855.