Hydrological Assessment of the Musqueam Cutthroat Creek Watershed

Through our Hydrological Assessment of the Musqueam Cutthroat Creek System our Streamkeepers, consultants and partnership agencies worked together to produce a State of the Watershed report. This report compiled and analyzed historic information, hydrological and biological data on the Musqueam Creek watershed. Phase One of this project was initiated in the autumn of 2008 and was completed in March 2009. Phase Two continued this research and analysis, and provided a final report, with recommendations. In summary the report concluded that at a large scale efforts to protect and restore the Musqueam Cutthroat Creek system appear to be working. However, the greatest challenge to this watershed and its aquatic resources is the maintenance of base flows that will reduce the bottle neck to rearing salmonid survival. A solution to this issue should continue to be the focus of efforts in the watershed as its implications impact both aquatic and terrestrial species relying on flowing waters for success.