List of Sites for Conservation Units

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“Description: This workbook contains lists of the sites used to describe the diversity of Pacific salmon in British Columbia. For each conservation unit, there is a list of one or more sites where salmon are known to or are believed to have successfully reproduced. The biological characteristics of those salmon and/or the geographical characteristics of the site were used to characterize the conservation unit. A site is a place where salmon have been regularly seen, counted or sampled. A site is not a population in any sense of that word. Sites range in geographic scope from side-channels or small tributaries of small creeks up to major rivers. The presence of a specific place in these lists implies only that there exists some easily accessible information about salmon in that place. More importantly, the absence of a specific place from the lists does not mean and cannot be construed as meaning that salmon are not persistently present there.”

Description from Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s website (…)