Molecular Genetics and Stock Identification of Skeena River Summer Steelhead, 2011


Steelhead tissue samples collected at the Tyee test fishery, in the upper Skeena River (mainstem areas above the Sicintine confluence), Squingula River, and Sicintine River in 2010 were genetically analyzed for variation in 15 microsatellite loci by Fisheries & Oceans Canada’s Pacific Biological Station to determine stock contributions to total steelhead escapement and to expand the Skeena steelhead genetic baseline collection. The results of the genetic analysis are being used to improve stock assessment and run timing estimates, and to improve the delineation of steelhead conservation units in the Skeena.

A related article by Terry Beacham et al. published on the North American Journal of Fisheries Management is available at Taylor & Francis Online.