The National Standard 1 Working Group (NS1WG) was formed in April 2003 with Terms of Reference to develop recommendations as to:

  1. whether the [Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSFCMA)] NS1 guidelines should be revised at all;
  2. if revisions are desired, what parts of the NS1 guidelines should have priority for revision, and why;
  3. suggested revisions consistent with the objectives that they be technically sound, increase comprehensiveness (i.e., provide guidance for a broader range of situations), add specificity (i.e., provide more guidance on how to handle particular situations), improve clarity (i.e., are easier for non scientists to understand), and recognize scientific and biological constraints.


The body of the text consists of issues considered, Problem Statements pertaining to the issues, and Recommended Solutions. Where needed, additional explanation is provided in square brackets. Alternative solutions discussed and analyzed by the NS1WG and others are included in Appendix 1, along with a brief rationale explaining why they were not incorporated into the Recommended Solutions.

— Excerpt from the report