Executive summary

A large sampling program was undertaken in 2009 by the Skeena Fisheries Commission to improve the genetic baseline information on Skeena River Chinook. 1712 Chinook were sampled from 14 rivers throughout the Skeena watershed. Most of the sampled fish were fry in their natal rivers. The 2009 sampling has increased the existing baseline from 12 populations in 2008 to 22 populations. The improved data is changing the understanding of wild Chinook populations in the Skeena. The Skeena test fishery sampling has been reanalyzed by Ivan Winther with this improved baseline, procedures for genetic separation of Skeena Chinook have been improved by Terry Beacham and a new dendrogram showing the relationship of Skeena populations has been prepared by John Candy of the DFO molecular genetics laboratory.