Skeena Sockeye Lakes Hydroacoustic Surveys 2010

Executive Summary

The Skeena Watershed Commission conducted hydroacoustic surveys at nine Skeena sockeye salmon rearing lakes (McDonell, Swan, Stephens, Sustut, Johanson, Johnston, Minerva, Lakelse, and Bulkley Lakes) during the 2010 field season. The main objectives of these surveys were to enumerate and sample the sockeye fry populations and estimate the species composition at each lake. The results of these surveys are contained in this report.

O. nerka fry densities ranged from 143 fish/hectare at Swan Lake to 6,660 fish/hectare at Johnston Lake. Johnston was the second smallest lake that was surveyed in 2010, but it contained the highest density, population, and biomass observed in this report. It appears that the O. nerka population is less than the carrying capacity of all the lakes that we surveyed, especially at Lakelse and Swan Lakes. No O. nerka fry were observed in Minerva or Bulkley Lakes.