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The Pacific Salmon Foundation counts commercial fishers as strong partner in salmon conservation through collaborations that raise money and leverage resources for salmon conservation.

Commercial fishers raise money for conservation

Companies like Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco) and Finest At Sea Ocean Products have been long-time supporters of Foundation dinners through donations of seafood.  Canfisco has also donated thousands of pounds of pink salmon during the last six years to support the Foundation’s Pink Salmon Festival. Since 1987, the Foundation’s flagship Community Salmon Program has benefitted from donations directed through the Commercial Fisheries Salmon Conservation stamp. Fishers can opt to donate to the Foundation when purchasing the decal required to  retain Pacific salmon caught in tidal waters off of Canada’s west coast.

Commercial fishers sharing resources for salmon

Canfisco is also a key supporter of the Foundation’s Salish Sea Marine Survival Project through lease of their crews and boats for data collection. In 2012, the Foundation similarly benefitted when the Area B Seine Association provided access to their commercial fishing vessels to assist with a study in BC’s Strait of Juan de Fuca, also known as Area 20. This study was a collaborative exercise between the Foundation, Dr. Steven Cooke of Carleton University, Dr. Scott Hinch of UBC and the Area B Seine Association. The objectives of this study were to: 1) obtain better estimates of the mortality of coho incidentally caught and released in the Juan de Fuca seine fishery and 2) to identify techniques and strategies for minimizing the interception and mortality of these non-targeted species.