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Despite our best efforts, each year the Foundation has to turn away technically sound projects due to budget constraints. As well, many community groups struggle to raise sufficient matching funds to secure Foundation grants. We are continually looking for industry partners to help fill this unmet need with donations that can be targeted to particular geographic regions or types of projects, such as habitat restoration and watershed conservation, salmon enhancement, education, etc. Industry donations are typically in the range of $5,000-$50,000 annually and are ideally pledged over several years to provide continuity in funding over time. Funders are provided recognition through traditional and new media, site visits and special recognition events throughout the year. To learn more contact Cory Matheson at 604.664.7664 or cmatheson@psf.ca.

Abundant salmon populations benefit everyone

Companies that partner with the Pacific Salmon Foundation realize that healthy salmon populations are beneficial for everybody. More salmon mean more nutrients for the trees and more than 130 species that make a B.C. a popular tourism destination and bastion of natural resources.

The Foundation works with the many industry groups that affect salmon through their operations, finding ways to help mitigate impacts and recover salmon habitat.  Learn about our partnerships with recreational fishing, commercial fishing and run-of-river hydro-power.