A Summary of Juvenile Salmonid Trapping in the Lillooet Lake Catchment, Including Lillooet and Birkenhead Rivers, 2011.

This project is an extension of research conducted in the Spring of 2010, which documented the presence and spawning habits of chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in the Lillooet Lake watershed and its neighbouring rivers. In the Spring of 2011 minnow trapping was conducted in various streams throughout the Lillooet Lake watershed. Minnow traps were placed in the Lillooet River and several of its major tributaries (Miller Creek, Twin One Creek, Tenas Bridge Creek) as well as in the Birkenhead River and Joffre Creek. Although no juvenile chinook were captured in the Spring of 2011, data can be used to enhance success rates in future captures and is compared to data from the Spring of 2010.