Behaviour Change-Riparian Logic Modeling

Key Issue: Riparian Damage in remote locations that cannot be monitored by protection agencies To continue the Riparian Logic Modeling Process in the Cariboo Chilcotin for equipment operators, surveyors and the development of a new “target audience”. This process analyzed and developed tools and information to help these two groups (usually first on the scene, prior to land development) to protect riparian zones. This project built on the Logic Modeling Process and the workshop that was developed in 2009.

· 3 of five more workshops completed in Alexis Creek,Wells, and Nazko. Horsefly and Likely scheduled for third week in April.

· 2009 work done with equipment operator workshops and the Land Development Workshop for Surveyors has led to some results of increased communications to regulatory agencies specifically in remote areas.

· The Riparian Outreach Group (Federal, Provincial, Regional governments and regional ENGO’s) has developed a new target audience of “riparian residents” and are currently gathering all the communication materials, programs, events, training, projects for this audience and evaluating the effectiveness.

· A draft outline for a Strategy to reach Riparian Residents has been started but not complete. This is a large audience, with a large amount of material that has already been developed and this will take much longer to address than originally thought. The Riparian Outreach Group felt it was imperative to investigate, collect and review as many of the pertinent processes, materials, and communications that were out there and we are still in this stage of collection and review.