Coldwater River Restoration of Structures to Protect Investments in Habitat

The Nicola Tribal Association (NTA) has carried out a number of instream habitat restoration projects on the Coldwater River under the auspices of the Coldwater River Watershed Recovery Plan (CRWRP). From time to time low cost maintenance is required in order to protect the effectiveness of work previously completed. The objective of this project was to maintain and protect in excess of $150,000 of investment in restored habitat in the Coldwater River, and ensure the effectiveness of the restoration structures is sustained over the long term. One site (work originally completed in 2005) was chosen where the last of 10 large woody debris (LWD) structures had become compromised after ice jams and a severe flood had caused redirection of the river. Results were construction and installation of one new LWD structure to replace the damaged structure. Grass seeding of disturbed areas, installation of livestock exclusion fencing and re-vegetation of riparian area (110 stems of indigenous rootstock) were all completed post construction.