Continuing to Build a River Community

The lives and habitat of Fraser River salmon stocks are threatened in many serious ways. No one sector, public, private, or voluntary can resolve the issues that threaten the health and existence of the salmon species and their habitats within the watershed. And so it is imperative that all affected parties, some of them former adversaries, learn how to work together. Many are choosing to do this within the auspices of the Salmon Table by meeting to discern the way forward and by working together on restoration projects of common concern. Although this fresh, new approach is still in its infancy, Salmon Table board members and participants are already discovering unanticipated synergies that boost their joint productivity.

The Salmon Table, now a registered society, has continued its steadfast progress in five distinct areas. It has evolved its governance structure and begun its identity as a registered (BC) society with a duly constituted board of directors. It continues its work on Cultus Lake recovery initiatives and is in the final stages of establishing a recovery committee that will be responsible for disbursing funds in support of this effort. It actively supports and promotes integrated intertribal fisheries planning in all areas of the Fraser River watershed. It continues its ground-breaking best practices dialogue processes for all involved in existing and proposed inland commercial salmon fisheries. And, during this past year, has provided much needed assistance for research regarding the feasibility of fertilizing Takla Lake for Early Stuart Sockeye recovery.