Evaluation of restoration activities on the Horsefly River Riparian Conservation Area

This project had three separate, but related components. The first was to develop an evaluation and monitoring plan to assess past and present restoration on the Horsefly River Riparian Conservation Area (HRRCA), a 300 ha property owned and now managed by TLC. This was accomplished by refining the photo monitoring porject that was initiated in 1999 and establishing a number of permanent empirical sampling plots that were associated with each newly established photo points. The second part of this project was to evaluate three large construction projects that were undertaken between 1999-2007. These were where examined with the help of professional engineers and a restoration ecologist to deterine what intervention, if any, is required on each of these projects. The last part of this project involved the refinement of a GIS mapping project that was initiated 2007. At this time, TLC began to construct that a mapping project that digitized the polygons originally delineated by Richard Case as part of an overview of the entire HRRCA. This year we wanted to ground-truth as many of these polygons as possible to further refine this mapping effort in order to improve our ability to manage present and future restoration efforts.