First Nations FSC Catch Database Project

The FSC Catch Database Project was a multi-year effort to design, customize, and implement a user-friendly software program to assist First Nation fisheries offices in managing data associated with communal fishing. In this phase, emphasis was placed on improving computer-based skills and data management capacity via enhanced training and technical support for participating FN groups.

Enhanced computer training for FN data technicians involved professional pre-season computer skills workshops in Williams Lake and Prince George designed to bring all database users up to a standard level of proficiency with both hardware and software. Post-season refresher workshops were held for database users to reinforce their computer skills to facilitate final data entry and management tasks. Enhanced technical support was delivered in-season (June-October) by the FSC Data Management Advisors, who provided personal contact for trouble-shooting data management problems.

As a result of this effort, First Nation fisheries offices and their personnel were able to use the FSC Database program more effectively, and exchange data with Fisheries & Oceans department personnel on a routine basis. DFO personnel reported improved quality in the data transmitted from FN fisheries offices relative to previous years. Database users reported significant skill development due to the workshops.