Horsefly River Watershed Management Plan-Continuation of WFSP Stage 2 and 3

The Horsefly River Roundtable mission statement is:                                          

To be a catalyst to achieve and maintain healthy Horsefly community watersheds, through coordinated management of all resources, respect for all concerns, and coordinated, positive action.

To meet the mission statement The Horsefly River Roundtable continued its work on Stage 2 and 3 of the Watershed Based Fish Sustainability Planning Guidebook.  Through collaborative technical and community meetings the roundtable members determined that a watershed status report, that provided a snapshot in time on the following issues and their impacts on the watershed, would be useful for further community, and economic development planning.

  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Recreation
  • Urban Development
  • Natural Events
  • Research
  • Water Licences
  • Run of the River Power – Moffat Creek
  • Horsefly River Fish Species Interaction
  • Anadromous fish stock status
  • Non-anadromous fish stock status

The Roundtable also developed implementation projects to continue facilitating healthy watersheds, community engagement and collaboration among various community sectors.  These projects include:  Fish friendly development and management of  an “informal” campground in prime Sockeye Salmon Spawning Habitat., Coordination and management of the Horsefly Salmon Festival (2009), Continued collection of watershed data, watershed representation and provision of information to local economic, social and community development initiatives.

The Horsefly River Roundtable has now become an agent for information, funding and project development.  The roundtable also provides a community voice to regional/provincial and federal agencies on watershed issues. The Horsefly River sockeye run is one of the largest of all sockeye runs in BC. and the community is working hard to develop the economic, and social potential of the area while protecting this fisheries resource.  The Roundtable provides the venue to work through these issues at a community level.