Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum – Year 3

The Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum (ISDF) is a collaborative and inclusive forum for all interests to work towards a fully integrated and sustainable salmon fishery in ways that respects the Wild Salmon Policy and serves both people and salmon. Key outcomes this year included: • Development of a draft Guidebook, a tool to assist managers and users and interests alike in improving decision-making processes associated with salmon, and their roles and responsibilities in these processes, and the core principles related to improved decision making and multi interest engagement.

• Development of a draft Framework that will be further refined in the coming year using the Chinoook Fishery as an example.

A key new initiative in 2009/10 was the creation of the Monitoring and Compliance Panel, with cross-sectoral membership and independent process management. The Monitoring and Compliance Panel aspires to promote fair, practical, and effective monitoring and compliance practices and policies critical to sound fisheries management. Specific outcomes of this panel this year include:

• The release of Fishery Monitoring in the Pacific Region: Charting our Course , a document that define principles, objectives and standards that will lead to the development of a more robust and inclusive monitoring and compliance framework and outline steps that Fisheries and Oceans and the M&C Panel believe are required to produce practical necessary changes.

• Fraser River Salmon Table / Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum Field Trip: A field trip was conducted on the Harrison River/Lower Fraser gravel reach fisheries in October 2009 to observe FN and Recreational fisheries. It was then followed up by public workshop on Oct 22, 2009 on Monitoring and Compliance of salmon fisheries in the Fraser River hosted by the Chehalis First Nation at the Chehalis Healing House (Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem).