Langley Thinks Salmon Presents…..

For the Langley Thinks Salmon project, LEPS has taken a targeted approach to engaging specific sectors of the community in fostering community engagement in and responsibility for stream and riparian protection, salmon conservation, and habitat restoration. Salmon Saturdays offer monthly opportunities for 288 stream stewards, community organizations, families and individual residents to engage in stream stewardship activities. Salmon in Your Backyard offers outreach to single family residents and townhouse owners, providing practical advice to assist them in understanding how their practices at home affect salmon habitat, and encourage behavioural change. Marketing efforts for Salmon in Your Backyard reached 37,000 residents and directly engaged 145 people through educational workshops. Salmon in Your Schoolyard engages teachers and students in a curriculum-based educational workshop offering direct experiential opportunities leading to better understanding of, respect for, and stewardship of, our shared watersheds. The Salmon in Your Schoolyard pilot project engaged 410 environmental educators, teachers, and students.