Mapping Flow Challenged Streams in the Fraser Basin

Watershed Watch Salmon Society (WWSS), and data visualization firm Periscopic produced an interactive map of the Fraser Basin showcasing water use and salmon status in six case study watersheds. Visualizations of water licenses, wells, instream flow, temperature and precipitation show where increased monitoring, regulations and public access to reliable data are needed; a primary value of this tool is in portraying the role of water in the management of salmon (as per Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy). Visualizations detail information on Fraser Conservation Units, and should prove handy to a variety of interests. The interactive map uses a unique interface accessible to a wide range of users, is compatible with all major web browsers, and contains easily embedded sharing features and a variety of links to data sources; all users will interact more easily with the many federal and provincial agencies involved in water and salmon management, including the provincial Living Water Smart Program.

The attached wireframe document shows how our first objective will be completed; due to complications around data, visual design and scheduling issues, the map is still in development. The wireframes document has been finalized (this will govern the design of the website, which will be built using the Flash programming language) and the database that will power the website are complete, but previous delays in sourcing data, contractor availability and glitches in finalizing the visual design have moved the final launch date to mid-July. More work is ongoing on outreach of the project.