Monitoring and Compliance Panel

The Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum Monitoring and Compliance Panel has functioned in the last year primarily to Promote an understanding of, and confidence in, fisheries monitoring and compliance practices within all sectors and the public. Advancing credibility and trust amongst parties, through regular Panel meetings and their meetings with key stakeholders, was a key objective and was largely felt to have been achieved. Specific more tangible deliverables included the delivery of a very well received four-day Peacemakers training course, for a cross section of those involved in the fishery and fish environment. That training explored traditional and reinvented roles and may be considered to have been one of the project highlights. The “Charting Our Course” report, draft attached, articulates the Panel’s shared strategy for catch Monitoring and compliance and the roadmap ahead, and is visionary as well as intentionally “sharable” as a communications piece that has benefited from a collaborative safe space created through FSWP funding.