Monitoring & Compliance Panel

The Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum’s Monitoring and Compliance Panel (M&C Panel) had a challenging yet highly productive year. The Panel aspires to promote the fair, practical, and effective monitoring and compliance practices and policies critical to realize the level of collaborative management required to sustain salmon and a salmon fishery. Much of the focus in 2011-12 was around building and articulating best practices (accomplished through the development of a report highlighting the Panel’s lessons learned), in promoting a widespread appreciation of the importance of monitoring and compliance practices (advanced through sectoral outreach communicating the previous year’s Panel report “Charting Our Course” and testimony at the Cohen Commission), and in addressing issues related to access, certification, traceability, and in season adjustments (provided through input into the final crafting of DFO’s Strategic Framework). Against a backdrop of its final year of financial support from both FSWP and PICFI and health challenges faced by a key team member, the team pulled together to complete its work and create a strategy to continue their work into the future.