Pilot Evaluation of a Sockeye Enumeration System for the Middle Fraser River

This project relied on the collection of salmon catch and effort data via “log-sheets” from participating fishers to generate information for fisheries management purposes. The project addressed 4 priority FSWP areas:

1. Initiatives which foster collaboration and information exchange

2. New and/or improved approaches for stock assessment

3. Building on the capacity of First Nations’ fisheries management

4. Integrating harvest with stock assessment platforms

1. The log-sheet data collection project was a collaboration between St’at’imc and Nlaka’pamux fisheries programs, the first time these organizations have jointly carried out fisheries work in recent times. Communications were maintained during project execution, and the information that was collected was shared with participating fishers.

2. While the use of log books is widespread in the recreational and commercial fisheries sectors, this project was the first to successfully apply this approach to a First Nations food, social and ceremonial fishery. While the focus was the mid-Fraser River, the approach could be easily expanded to other First Nations fisheries in the Fraser River and Approach Areas.

3. The program was administered by Northern Statimc Fisheries and the Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council, thus providing a positive capacity building experience for both agencies.

4. The project was designed to collect stock assessment and harvest information from the Stat’imc and Nlaka’pamux fisheries for fisheries management purposes. These activities were tightly integrated.