River Manners – Public etiquette for a growing fishery

The “River Manners” Video project arose from the collision of an Indian drift-net and sport angling gear in the lower Fraser River, resulting in a violent confrontation. The conflict galvanized a simmering feud between these two fisheries and the video production was one way that a small working group of First Nations and sport fishing organizations groups pursued to find ways to get along on the river. Communicate with each other in the fishery was a shared priority, emphasizing respect and manners appropriate for the area’s growing salmon fishing population. A production of the River Manners Video and the accompanying pamphlet was subsequently distributed and viewed in their respective meeting forums and on the River by participants as well as RCMP and DFO fisheries Officers. Chehalis led this project proposal with the Salmon Table and sport fishing groups to address a need in the community aimed to provide a safe place for each others’ fishers.