Skowkale Canoe Shed: Feasibility Study

The Skowkale First Nation has embarked on an exciting program to create a centre of learning and engagement about salmon and watersheds in urban Chilliwack. We are planning on creating an aboriginal aquatic/fisheries interpretive centre. Alongside the new hatchery building is an old ‘canoe shed’ which has been used to store Skowkale traditional canoes. It has a great deal of natural rustic charm but unfortunately it is too dilapidated to restore. Instead a concept plan has been drafted to construct a new building which will provide a unique experience which will honour traditional aboriginal practices, and help maintain local salmon stocks. Interpretation programs will be developed using the resources of the new hatchery and the Little Chilliwack River to provide a well rounded aquatic experience. Historically, the area has served as traditional grounds for a number of community activities including fishing, trapping, hunting, medicinal plant growing and swimming. In the past, when the water quantity was greater and the water quality was better, the area thrived. The goal is to continue to make improvements and recreate a legacy of renewal.