Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP)

Under Education & Engagement, the SLLP recognized salmon as a high-valued public good and an indicator species for watershed health, providing emerging leaders with a direct experience of nature and promoting, inspiring and increasing community stewardship and encouraging sustainable living, emphasizing the importance of healthy riversheds. Using the Fraser River as an outdoor classroom, the SLLP: connected participants to the landscape, building an appreciation for the natural world and exposing participants to examples of sustainable living over a large and diverse geographical area and integrated cultural expression (e.g. participants toured an organic farm, took a guided ancient forest walk, attended the “Salmon In the Canyon” Festival in Lillooet, toured two First Nations interpretive centres in Soda Creek and Mission). By connecting program participants to the Fraser River through direct experience, we believe they will take the knowledge and skills gained from the program and apply them to their respective communities.