System-wide DIDSON estimation of sockeye escapement in the Quesnel River system

The Quesnel River DIDSON project assessed the feasibility of using DIDSON technology in the Quesnel River to enumerate the total sockeye escapement to the Quesnel Lake system in 2010. The objectives included: Replicating the DIDSON enumeration conducted in 2009 in the Quesnel River, installation/operation of two DIDSON systems at the project site throughout the sockeye migration period, generation of a sockeye escapement estimate from the project with comparison to upstream spawning ground escapement estimation, support for upstream enumeration projects, and the utilization of a collaborative capacity building/transfer relationship between project partners (NSTC, DFO and UFFCA). The Quesnel DIDSON project estimated 281,084 ± 10,345 (± 3.89%) sockeye migrated past the site, compared to the DFO Near Final Estimate of 246,586 sockeye escapement to the Quesnel Lake area. As a feasibility study all project objectives were met, and the project partners considered the project a success.