Three Rivers Join One Discovery Project

The Three Rivers Join One Discovery Project is an educational hands-on project that focuses on the four major watersheds of our area: Bridge, Seton, Cayoosh and Fraser. The project aim was to promote an understanding of watersheds and their relationship to the health of the Fraser River, wildlife and salmon traveling these waterways. By generating a sense of wonder of the natural world and rivers of our area, and their interconnectedness, we believe the stewardship ethic within our community will be enhanced. In collaboration with various community members and organizations, we developed seventeen hands-on activities that focused on different aspects of our watersheds to be used at riverside and other community events. We incorporated cultural knowledge, art, science, games and stewardship activities for each event. We then used the expertise within our community to help us facilitate the project. St’at’imc elders and leaders, artists, biologists and naturalists, provided their time to make this project a success. A greater commitment to sustainable living and stewardship was promoted by implementing demonstrations and seventeen hands-on activities at seventeen events along each of the aforementioned rivers. A traveling trailer was purchased, and painted with a mural, to house all of the materials and resources for the project to take to different locations. Our goal to increase our presence in our community, and to share a vision for sustainable living within our watersheds, was achieved. We traveled to eight different river sites and five community areas to hold events and in total had over 750 participants who took home a bit more knowledge of our rivers and their importance to wildlife and themselves.