Three Rivers Join One Discovery Project

This was the second year of the Three Rivers Join One Discovery Project. Our goals were to promote an appreciation and sense of wonder for the environment and our local watersheds, pass on knowledge that would inspire people to take personal action in their lives and to promote a stewardship ethic within our community. We met the five objectives we had set for ourselves. We created nature programming that focused on the healthy components of watersheds and the interconnectedness between wildlife, plants and ourselves. All our programs provided participants with the chance to participate in activities were they learned more about our impacts on the environment and how we can live more sustainably. Our holistic approach to environmental education involves the integration of science, aboriginal cultural values, art and stewardship. We successfully hosted five seasonal community events, participated in existing community events to extend our reach, and delivered thirty-one nature programs to over 1,500 people. We visited two local preschools, two elementary and one high school, summer camps, Senior’s Centre, Farmer’s Market, Apricot Festival, Wild Salmon Café, Food Security Forum, May Day Parade, and the annual Christmas Craft Fair. Participants in our programs were given hands-on skills and information in regards to our inter-connection to the environment, and what we can do to live “lighter” on the land. We involved many of the participants in current restoration work within the Seton and Fraser Watersheds where they were involved in wildlife monitoring, planting of native plant species, garbage pickup and salmon ceremonies. Our restoration crew was involved in all the outreach events and many of the volunteer opportunities and nature education days took place at our restoration and nursery sites, and within the Lower Spawning Channels and Seton River corridor.