Up Your Watershed! Concerts took place in Vancouver, Surrey and Williams Lake. Overall, approximately 750 students performed to about 1400 audience members. Prior to the concerts, students learned a body of songs about salmon conservation, watershed stewardship and the environment. Students also wrote song introductions and read them aloud at the concerts, telling audience members what they can do to help salmon and water supplies. The week leading up to the performance, Holly, Kevin and their apprentice artists (being trained to replicate the program), worked with students and teachers in rehearsals and discussions to further education with the issues. Students then relayed that education to audience members through song and speeches at the concert. Through overwhelming feedback from parents and teachers after the concerts, a lot of people were deeply moved and had made personal commitments to share new knowledge in the community and make positive change to help further environmental action. For each show a professional DVD was produced and 140 were purchased. Video excerpts from the concerts have also been posted on YouTube. The project theme song, Up Your Watershed!,