Water Wise: Water Conservation & Watershed Health Education

Our education of school age students reaches over 55 elementary, secondary, & alternate classes, with students offered 5 modules on water conservation, watershed health, winter snow, water quality & how it relates to our lives and the fish & wildlife reliant on healthy watersheds. Instructors use models (working mini aquifer and 3D watershed), fieldtrips for hands on experience. Schools partake in an annual Storm Drain painting, raising awareness within the neighborhoods of ‘healthy’ water practices. At the Outdoor school, modules –Invertebrates, The Perfect Stream, Ecological Webs- Species at Risk, and Winter Snow Science Module are taught and mini-water sessions given to each school group (25 classes/800 students). Signage and brochures are throughout the centre, used by hundreds of local groups also using the centre throughout the year. Within the communities, Water Wise targets gardeners (with Xeriscape workshops and brochures on rain barrels /draught hardy plants & xeriscape methods), businesses (local fast food, washrooms in numerous buildings including govt., banks, businesses, recreation centres) and consumers (providing a local water safe products list for Water Wise buyers). Water Wise involves major publications (regions Parks Field guide & Salmonids  and Wetlands brochures) and events: Children’s Festival, WL Stampede Parade, Rivermania, Earth & World Water Day. With creative props  -6 foot salmonids (three types) and 9 puppet sized salmon, with story books and collaboration with local dance/drams and video classes, we are keeping watersheds and salmonids in high profile within the community.