Xeni Gwet’in Chilko Roundtable Watershed Plan

The Xeni Gwet’in 2008/09 FSWP proposal built on past research and the key goal of this project was to
assist Xeni Gwet’in in completing a Watershed Plan for outlining community priorities and establishing a
priorities framework to ensure fish sustaining practices within the Chilko Watershed which will support
Xeni Gwet’in’s Eco-system Based Plan over the Caretaker area.
Working with community members, representatives from government including DFO, MoE (last meeting),
Integrated Land Management Bureau and Ministry of Tourism participated in developing a watershed plan
which provides an overview outlining implementation and monitoring plans for a Watershed-based Fish
Sustainability Planning Procedure.
With a planning structure in place we hope to follow through with our planning in 2009-2010. During our
final meeting in February 2009, all participants including the MoE representative stated they felt the
dialogue was meaningful and productive and would continue to meet with us.