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Fishing lodges and charter operators have long supported salmon conservation efforts as they realize the importance of sustainable salmon populations to the livelihood of their businesses and to the environment at large. This support comes in many forms and we would like to recognize the lodges below for choosing to implement a Salmon Conservation Contribution on their invoices. The Conservation Contribution is a per person fee (ranging from $10-$50/person per trip) that is collected by the lodges throughout the season and then remitted to the Foundation at year-end. This approach provides an efficient way for those who benefit from salmon to also give back and support the fisheries that are so important to them. If you would like to implement the Salmon Conservation Contribution please contact Cory Matheson at cmatheson@psf.ca or 604.664.7664 (ext 106) for more information. We also thank the Sport Fishing Institute of B.C. for endorsing this program and for their on-going work to improve catch monitoring and conservation fishing practices in British Columbia.