Ned Pottinger is a former board chair of the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Ned Pottinger is the Chairman and Senior Consultant of PGL Environmental Consultants. Ned’s outlook and 40+ years of consulting experience in Canada and overseas allow him to focus on strategy and objectives without getting lost in technical detail. He has conducted and led projects, large and small, in contaminated sites, agriculture, forestry, land resource mapping, environmental impact assessment, linear projects, waste & compost management, regional planning and feasibility studies. His brief stint with the BC Agricultural Land Commission gave him valuable insight into the world of regulators.

In addition to his technical expertise in soil science and physical geography, Ned has a broad base of knowledge in business, law, policy and economics. His excellent presentation skills have supported his expert testimony in public hearings and inquiries.

He has a passionate commitment to the preservation and enhancement of salmon in BC, and likes nothing better than a game of golf.