Pacific Salmon Foundation Announces $1.2M to 114 Grassroots Salmon Projects

August 20, 2021

VANCOUVER – Today, Pacific Salmon Foundation is announcing more than $1.2M in grants to 114 grassroots Pacific salmon conservation projects in 66 communities across B.C. The value of these projects is more than $8 Million including donations of cash, in-kind and volunteer time at the community level.

Many of the projects will happen throughout the summer during the ‘fisheries window’ when salmon aren’t in streams and can’t be harmed. Funds will help Indigenous and community stewards lead on local projects to:

  • Restore salmon habitat in streams, rivers and estuaries;
  • operate conservation hatcheries and deliver related education programs to schools and the broader community; and
  • lead on “citizen science” projects to better understand the challenges Pacific salmon face amidst climate change and development pressures.

Funds came from the Foundation’s Community Salmon Program which is primarily supported by proceeds from the federal Salmon Conservation Stamp. Anglers purchase the $6 decal with their fishing license in order to retain Pacific salmon species caught while fishing in saltwater.

“Empowering Indigenous and community stewards to lead at the local level is at the heart of the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s work – and it will only become more important in the context of climate change,” says Michael Meneer, Pacific Salmon Foundation President and CEO. “Climate change means unpredictable conditions and pressures for salmon. By equipping communities to lead on local climate action, we can be more responsive and deal with immediate issues like drought and high temperatures. Also, every salmon stream is different. Community stewards are in their watersheds everyday and are ideally positioned to monitor unique changes precipitated by climate change.”

Unfortunately, due to COVID travel restrictions, the Foundation is forecasting a 30% decrease in available funds for the next granting year.

“As an avid fisherman, I know first-hand how devastating recent fishing restrictions have been to communities and businesses over the last few years,” says Ed Oldfield, volunteer and president of the Powell River Salmon Society. “As a volunteer, I also know how important Pacific Salmon Foundation support is to community stewardship groups. If Pacific salmon are worth more than $6 to you, I encourage you to purchase that Salmon Stamp even if you can’t go fishing. Or better yet, make a donation to PSF!”

Donations can be made online at The Community Salmon Program also benefits from corporations with sustainability goals. Trans Mountain, Mosaic Forest Management, BC Hydro, Enbridge, Methanex, Seaspan, FortisBC Energy are all corporate supporters of the Program. Interested businesses are encouraged to contact Senior Business Development Manager, Cory Matheson at

The Province of British Columbia also contributed funds to the Community Salmon Program as part of a $5 million grant, through 2023 to address the immediate and ongoing needs of Pacific salmon and their habitat.



Twice a year, the Pacific Salmon Foundation issues a call for applications to the Community Salmon Program.  All projects are vetted via four layers of approval. First an independent technical committee reviews each project to ensure that it will work as designed and provide a benefit for the intended population of Pacific salmon. Then each project is sent to DFO for a separate technical review to ensure alignment with DFO priorities and that efforts are not being duplicated. Next, projects are reviewed by a grants committee comprised of PSF board members and independent scientific experts.  Finally, selected projects are reviewed by the PSF board at large which comprises representatives of all stakeholders vested in Pacific salmon including Indigenous government, federal government and DFO (retired), the recreational fishing sector, the commercial fishing sector, the shipping industry and resource sectors.

The following projects were funded through the Foundation’ most recent granting round:


Location Project Title Funding confirmed $ Project Value $
Abbotsford Salmonids in the Classroom – chiller repair 650 1,450
Abbotsford Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 2,775
Alert Bay Nimpkish River (Gwa’ni Hatchery) Upgrades and Repairs 19,000 60,800
Alert Bay Glendale River Pink Salmon Enhancement Pilot Project 25,000 85,000
Barrierre Louis Creek Modified Design Streambank Restoration Project 60,670 441,903
Bella Bella First Nations-led habitat restoration in locally important salmon streams impacted by historic stream cleaning on the Central Coast of BC 10,000 66,480
Bella Bella Quantifying survival and harvest rate for wild Central Coast coho – developing a coho coded wire tag indicator stock on the Koeye River 22,800 366,800
Burnaby Salmonids in the Classroom – chiller repair 370 1,790
Burnaby Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 2,825
Burnaby Playground Restoration 2,500 5,000
Burns Lake Virtual Invisible Migration Event 10,000 39,000
Cache Creek Hat Creek Modified Design Streambank Restoration Project 57,728 311,090
Chemainus Log Jam 1 & 2 1,825 4,445
Chillliwack Wingfield Creek Rearing Ponds 900 2,150
Chillliwack Deer Creek Off-Channel Habitat Intake Rehabilitation 5,800 14,760
Comox Incubation Upgrades 1,190 5,615
Comox Hatchery Site Security 9,220 19,940
Comox Hydrology and Habitat Assessment of Brooklyn Creek 19,850 49,340
Coquitlam Salmonids in the Classroom – 2x chiller repair 800 2,800
Coquitlam Reeve Slough Salmon Habitat Reconnection 2021 37,000 370,025
Courtenay Piercy Ceek Public Information Signage 2,486 6,592
Courtenay Picket Spring Refresh Project 7,536 36,027
Courtenay Kitty Coleman Creek Enhancement Project 2021 10,525 25,870
Courtenay Arden Creek Restoration 59,705 116,585
Cowichan Bay Restoring Riparian Salmon Habitat in the Cowichan: Youth Engagement 8,744 65,844
Delta Cougar Creek Beaver Pond Leveller #2 1,644 4,834
Delta Stream of Dreams at Gray Elementary 6,459 20,977
Enderby Conservation Through Education 7,300 113,650
Fanny Bay Water Quality Measuring Kit 2,500 5,786
Galiano Island Salmonids in the Classroom 2021 2,500 9,900
Gibsons Keystone Salmon Story Board 2,500 5,080
Gibsons SCCA 2021 Gibsons Creek Stream Keepers Training 2,500 7,800
Harrison Hot Springs Website Development 600 2,350
Hazleton McCully Creek Restoration Initiative 20,700 42,200
Horsefly Horsefly-Quesnel clean, drain and dry signs 1,500 5,250
Kamloops Stream of Dreams at Juniper Ridge Elementary 6,936 21,374
Kitwanga Kitwanga Sockeye Hatchery: Water source and site assessments 45,000 508,621
Langford Millstream Creek Restoration and Stewardship 20,000 76,000
Langley Emergency Generator Backup Replacement 25,276 50,599
Lillooet Development of a salmonid outmigrant program to inform population rebuilding in the Middle Fraser River 40,000 139,260
Maple Ridge Pump replacement 2,143 7,543
Maple Ridge Allco Community Fish Hatchery – River Pump Rebuild 2,500 8,800
Merritt Lower Nicola River Modified Design Streambank Restoration Project 26,578 247,656
Nanaimo Walley Creek In-Stream Restoration Reach 2 2,500 15,100
Nanaimo Departure Creek 2021 33,169 87,225
Nanaimo Nanaimo River Hatchery Upgrades 49,761 309,586
Nanoose Bay Eco-Cultural Estuary Restoration 26,500 180,100
Nelson Kokanee Salmon Education 1,871 6,159
New Hazleton Mission Creek Fish Fence Panel Repair 1,500 1,500
New Westminster Salmonids in the Classroom – chiller repair 500 1,225
North Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom – chiller repair 500 1,100
North Vancouver North Shore Rain Garden Project 2,500 20,700
North Vancouver Coho Festival 2021 Virtual Community Engagement and Education Project 10,000 65,000
North Vancouver Seymour Hatchery Education & Community Outreach Signage 16,250 67,400
Parksville Lawn Signs to Promote Actions For a Healthy Creekshed 2,400 14,434
Port Alberni Somass Estuary Flood Channel Restoration Project 7,613 91,300
Port Alberni Riparian Restoration in Huu-ay-aht Territory 17,500 54,500
Port Coquitlam Coho Pond Upgrade 1,250 2,870
Port Hardy Scientific Tools 2,100 6,540
Port Hardy Oconnor Lake Net Pen Repair Project 18,500 33,390
Port Moody Chips and Fish 15,000 103,510
Powell River Streamkeepers Training 2,374 5,474
Powell River Education Incubators Expansion 2,500 20,500
Powell River Lang Creek Property Renovation Project 11,500 404,950
Prince George Stream to Sea Program Education Training 2,500 68,200
Prince George SCWA BackCountry Emergency Preparedness 2,500 14,000
Prince George Upper Fraser Salmon Stewardship Tanks 5,000 14,360
Prince George Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) to Assess the Distribution of Juvenile Salmonids in the Nechako Basin, Phase 2 26,100 95,910
Prince Rupert Education Center Display 1,000 2,000
Quadra Island Hyacinthe (McKercher) Creek Habitat Enhancement Programt 7,577 23,287
Quesnel Lhtako Elders interviews 1,500 6,240
Quesnel Pink Salmon Patrol 2,500 7,400
Richmond Salmonids in the Classroom – 4x chiller repair 2,500 4,300
Roberts Creek Climate Change & Salmonid: Recording Creek Water/Air Temperatures 2,450 4,951
Saanich Colquitz Creek Stewardship 2,400 25,000
Sechelt Hatchery upgrade: purchase and installation of hatchery alarm system and scale 2,000 4,000
Simoom Sound SCFS Training Facilities Improvement 2,500 7,330
Smithers Strengthening Knowledge Connections with Community-based Watershed Organizations in the Skeena River Watershed 10,000 62,450
Smithers Toboggan Creek Hatchery Outdoor Rearing Pond Upgrade 35,000 249,000
Sooke Salmonids in the Classroom –  2x chiller repair & cart purchase 2,000 2,790
Sooke Sooke Chinook Enhancement Initiative – Temporary Marine Enclosures 20,000 93,250
South Coast, Sunshine Coast Citizen Engagement to Address European Green Crab 27,600 298,276
Squamish Spectacular Spawning Salmon of Squamish 1,500 17,000
Squamish Squamish Yellow Fish Salmon-at-Work Signage 1,500 4,100
Squamish Squamish Spit Removal 50,500 696,187
Surrey Stream of Dreams at Fort Langley Elementary 4,027 13,095
Surrey Stream of Dreams at Ecole Peace Arch Elementary 6,707 21,641
Tahsis Tacic (Tahsis) River Forest Cover Restoration for Chinook Habitat 10,053 21,398
Tatla Lake Stream of Dreams at Tatla Lake School 1,500 5,024
Terrace Skeena Salmon Stewardship Squad 2,408 20,996
Terrace Environmental Sensitive Area Signs 2,500 9,170
Tofino UAV based enumerations of chum salmon in Clayoquot Sound Rivers 2,500 85,254
Tsawwassen Tsawwassen First Nation Salmon Stewards Week 5,000 47,480
Ucluelet Interactive Centre Stream Table 2,500 33,640
Ucluelet WCVI/Toquaht River Hatchery Chinook Survival Project 2,500 58,700
Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom – chiller repair 600 1,230
Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 2,800
Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 2,900
Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 3,485
Vancouver Uninterrupted-VR 2021 Metro Vancouver Tour 15,000 386,000
Victoria Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Stream Assessment & Stewardship 2,280 6,010
Victoria Gorge Herring Project 2,500 36,000
Victoria Salmonids in the Classroom Program 2021: Aquarium Chillers 3,695 11,240
Victoria The Beach Education and Conservation of Habitat Program 4,000 74,500
Victoria Stream of Dreams at St. Joseph’s Elementary School 4,400 14,282
Victoria Hagan Creek and Millstream Creek Cutthroat Habitat/Population Assessment Project 9,300 45,700
Victoria The Peninsula Streams Society Water Quality Program 10,000 56,080
Victoria Forage Fish Beach Construction 13,000 48,500
Victoria Advancing Salmonid Enumeration on Colquitz River with Technology 13,000 60,077
Victoria Gorge Creek Restoration 26,000 68,350
West Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 3,195
West Vancouver Salmonids in the Classroom 1,300 2,785
Williams Lake Stream to Sea Aquarium Supplies 700 14,040
Williams Lake Horsefly Watershed Salmon Habitat Restoration 81,088 296,703
1,259,708 8,025,454



Allison Colina

About the Pacific Salmon Foundation:

PSF is the independent, thoughtful leader and catalyst in conservation, restoration, and enhancement of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems through strategic partnerships and leveraged use of resources.