Pacific Salmon Foundation Announces $1.4 million for Salmon Projects


May 16, 2024

PSF funds 113 community salmon projects, leveraging $9 million in total value for salmon.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) has granted $1,445,226 to 113 community salmon projects —including many Indigenous-led initiatives — in British Columbia and the Yukon this spring. The initiatives represent $9 million in total value for salmon conservation, as a result of additional fundraising and volunteer hours by Indigenous and community grantees.

The funds were made available through PSF’s Community Salmon Program, founded in 1989, which empowers volunteers, local streamkeepers, Indigenous communities, and schools to help conserve and recover Pacific salmon and their habitats.

volunteers sort through eelgrass bundles for salmon restoration project

Team members sort eelgrass bundles to support salmon habitat restoration (Photo: Greenways Land Trust)

In the 35 years since its inception, the program has distributed $28.8 million in grants to more than 3,300 projects across B.C. and the Yukon, engaging roughly 30,000 volunteers. Successful initiatives have included salmon habitat restoration, monitoring and research, streamkeeper training, and educational programs that raise awareness for salmon.

The Community Salmon Program accepts new applications each spring and fall. The Salmon Conservation Stamp, a decal anglers much purchase with a saltwater fishing license, is the primary funding source for the program. Every year, PSF stewards all proceeds from the stamp on behalf of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to support community-led salmon conservation.

“We at Pacific Salmon Foundation are energized by the 113 salmon conservation projects submitted to our Community Salmon Program this spring. We are humbled by the dedication of the many grassroots stewardship organizations and volunteers who envision and mobilize these projects, and we are particularly humbled by the projects advanced by Indigenous communities, given their deep history and commitment to salmon,” says Michael Meneer, President and CEO, Pacific Salmon Foundation.

“This year, the Community Salmon Program received the highest amount of funding requests in the program’s history. Unfortunately, there was a gap in funding availability of roughly half a million dollars. Demand for local stewardship is at an all-time high, and salmon need us now more than ever. I strongly encourage you to support the Community Salmon Program to ensure that hundreds of streamkeepers, First Nations groups, and community volunteers have the funds they need to advance their vital salmon restoration and habitat recovery efforts.”

If you’d like to support the Community Salmon Program, donate online today.

Read below to learn how recent grant recipients are making a difference for local salmon populations.

Kitsumkalum Band creates new habitats for salmon in northern B.C.

Community members salvage coho fry in the Exchamsiks River Protected Area

Community members salvage coho fry in the Exchamsiks River Protected Area (Photo: Kitsumkalum Band).

In 2019, the Kitsumkalum Band observed juvenile salmon swimming into isolated ponds near the Skeena River during high water. As the water went down, the fish stayed trapped.

Every year since, Kitsumkalum community members have salvaged roughly 3,000 stranded juvenile coho from ponds in the Exchamsiks River Protected Area, located between Terrace and Prince Rupert.

With support from PSF in 2023, and in collaboration with the British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund and other partners, the Kitsumkalum Band has created a new stream channel to connect a pond to the Exchamsiks River and prevent further stranding.

The Kitsumkalum Band is leading a gravel placement project near Exchamsiks River

Gravel placement will help create new spawning habitat for many salmonids (Photo: Kitsumkalum Band).

This year in 2024, their gravel placement project aims to enhance the new streambed and provide spawning habitat for local salmon, char, cutthroat trout, and steelhead populations.

“Restoring fish habitat along the Skeena River – in this case, at the Exchamsiks Restoration Project – is important for all First Nations, as well as recreational and commercial fishers,” says Tammy Roberts, Fish and Wildlife Program Administrator for the Kitsumkalum Band.

“It has been great to see the success of this project through the collaboration of many people and partners.”

Divers help eelgrass return to Campbell River Estuary

A diver plants eelgrass in the Mill Pond area of the Campbell River Estuary (Photo: A’tlegay Fisheries Society)

In the Campbell River Estuary, the Wei Wai Kum First Nation and Greenways Land Trust have worked together since 2019 to restore eelgrass meadow habitat for chum and Chinook salmon around Mill Pond.

With support from PSF, their new project phase will restore an additional 1,000 square metres of valuable juvenile habitat – equivalent to the area of two basketball courts. The shore crew and dive team, including Guardian Watchmen, will transplant eelgrass through the summer of 2024, with hopes to plant a total of 6,000 square metres by 2025.

“The Mill Pond Project Team is excited to be able to expand our eelgrass meadow planting within the Campbell River Estuary,” says Katharine Lavoie, Executive Director at Greenways Land Trust.

“This work will drastically improve previously degraded habitat so that it can be viable for juvenile salmonids in future. Thank you so much to PSF for this support.”


Salmon excursions for newcomer families in Greater Vancouver

Two children release coho fry in a stream near Vancouver

Two children release juvenile salmon in local streams (Photo: NatureKids BC).

NatureKids BC, based in North Vancouver, creates opportunities for children and families to learn about local nature. This PSF-supported project will empower newcomers to learn about the salmon life cycle, local salmon habitat restoration, and the importance of salmon as keystone species. In partnership with community agencies, NatureKids BC will coordinate nature excursions for newcomer families to witness salmon releases or salmon runs – and build connections to British Columbia through salmon.

“This project will also empower participants to assess what actions each household can take to contribute to salmon health,” says Rebecca Clapperton Law, Executive Director, NatureKids BC.

“Our community agency partners work with us to create in-nature, place-based moments of learning and connection with each other and with the lands and waters.”


The Community Salmon Program also benefits from organizations with sustainability goals. The Alastair and Diana Gillespie Foundation, AltaGas, BC Hydro, Enbridge, Grassroots Conservation Fund, Methanex, Mosaic Forest Management, Neptune Terminals, Pembina Pipeline, Seaspan, Secure Energy, Sutherland Foundation, The SJ Foundation, The Wolrige Foundation, and Trans Mountain support the program. To learn more about PSF’s grant program and opportunities to support on-the-ground action to save salmon and their habitats, contact


MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please contact Braela Kwan, Communications Specialist, Pacific Salmon Foundation,, (604) 664-7664 ext. 1025


A full list of recipients for the spring 2024 Community Salmon Program cohort includes:

Applicant Project Title Project Value $ Grant Awarded $ Project Type
A Rocha Canada Upper Bulkley Watershed Salmon Stock Assessment 26,350 4,770 Stock Assessment
A Rocha Canada Salmon Smart: Community Learning in the Upper Bulkley 18,575 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Alberni Valley Enhancement Association SIC Equipment and Improvements 14,000 6,400 Education & Awareness, Training
Alberni Valley Enhancement Association Shannon Farms Hatchery 6,580 2,500 Habitat Rehabilitation
Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society Mossom Burrard Coho PIT tagging project 32,040 8,000 Stock Assessment
Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary Stream of Dreams 11,792 4,024 Education & Awareness, Training
Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
BlueAct Marine Society Gibsons Harbour Eelgrass Habitat Cleanup and Restoration 33,630 6,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
British Columbia Conservation Foundation Mitigating UV Filters in Cowichan Lake and River 66,935 5,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society Coho Spawning and Rearing Habitat Restoration at Birkdale Farm 66,010 31,420 Habitat Rehabilitation
Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society Brooklyn Creek Greenway Rock Riffle Installation 2024 46,955 14,325 Habitat Rehabilitation
Coho Society of the North Shore Coho Festival 2024 195,600 10,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Collingwood School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Coquitlam River Watershed Society Outreach Engagement for a Healthy Coquitlam River Watershed 4,550 2,250 Education & Awareness, Training
Cougar Creek Streamkeepers Bates Ravine Restoration Planting 8,340 2,500 Habitat Rehabilitation
Courtenay & District Fish & Game Protective Association Upwelling Spawning Platform 30,536 11,540 Habitat Rehabilitation
Cowichan Community Land Trust Cowichan River Forest Learning 21,410 1,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust Greenways Streamkeepers 6,650 2,500 Habitat Assessment
Ecole Margaret Jenkins School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,490 1,650 Education & Awareness, Training
Estsek’ Environmental Services LLP Louis Creek Salmon Restoration Program 129,899 64,789 Stock Assessment
Fanny Bay Salmon Enhancement Society River Never Sleeps 2024 15,642 6,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Fort St. James Secondary School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,640 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Fraser Basin Council Society Horsefly Watershed Salmon Habitat Restoration 556,526 44,689 Habitat Rehabilitation
Galiano Conservancy Salmonids in the Classroom 7,024 1,800 Education & Awareness, Training
Gillard Pass Fisheries Association Bute Inlet Chinook Assessment 232,020 25,000 Stock Assessment
Guardians of Our Salish Estuaries Society Eco-Cultural Restoration of Salish Sea Estuaries 82,975 25,155 Habitat Rehabilitation
Hecate Strait Streamkeepers Society Cameron Creek Instream Habitat Restoration 49,557 18,657 Habitat Rehabilitation
Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department Escapement Video-Monitoring in the Tankeeah River 226,605 28,200 Stock Assessment
Horsefly River Roundtable Streamkeepers Training 7,173 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Hoy-Scott Watershed Society Outflow Channel Naturalization 110,321 35,000 Stock Enhancement
Jean Marie Joseph School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society Conservation Through Education 168,494 11,414 Education & Awareness, Training
Kitsumkalum Band Fish & Wildlife Department Gravels Placement Project 426,395 32,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
Ladysmith Sportsmen’s Club Hatchery Repair and Equipment 20,340 5,940 Stock Assessment
Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society Scully Habitat Assessment 16,700 7,200 Habitat Assessment
Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society Watershed Water Quality Sampling 27,910 2,500 Stewardship/Community Planning
Lillooet Tribal Council Coho In the Classroom 27,180 13,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Loon Foundation Stewardship Survey Area 21,120 6,740 Habitat Assessment
Lord Selkirk Elementary School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,390 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Lower Fraser Collaborative Table Fishing Group Collaboration 49,205 20,000 Stewardship/Community Planning
Mainland Enhancement of Salmonoid Species Society Spawning Gravel Addition 26,000 13,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
MakeWay Foundation To Swim and Speak with Salmon 624,220 10,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Marlborough Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,205 705 Education & Awareness, Training
Meadowbrook Elementary Stream of Dreams 8,878 2,959 Education & Awareness, Training
Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society 2024 Streamkeepers Course 3,150 1,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Millard-Piercy Watershed Stewards Program Manual 7,250 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Morrison Creek Streamkeepers Fish Barrier Removal Project 401,690 40,390 Habitat Rehabilitation
Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society Salmon Run Days 2024 7,000 1,050 Education & Awareness, Training
Na’tsa’maht Indigenous Education Royal Bay Secondary School  SĆIȺNEW̱ SṮEȽIṮḴEȽ 6,000 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
North Shore Streamkeepers Society Water Quality Monitoring Initiative 29,000 6,000 Habitat Assessment
North Vancouver Island Salmonid Enhancement Association Hatchery Water Monitoring 7,282 2,182 Stock Enhancement
Nylon Zoo Salmon are Important 4,099 2,059 Education & Awareness, Training
Okanagan Nation Alliance Fish in Schools 13,700 2,500 Stewardship/Community Planning
Oona River Resources Association Hatchery Equipment Maintenance 12,400 5,000 Stock Assessment
Outdoor and Ecological Learning Streamkeepers Training 4,920 2,400 Education & Awareness, Training
Peninsula Streams Society Stewardship Program 194,150 29,500 Stewardship/Community Planning
Peninsula Streams Society Colquitz Restoration and Salmon Monitoring Project 283,500 30,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
Peninsula Streams Society Millstream Stewardship and Restoration 148,230 28,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
Peninsula Streams Society Beach Education and Conservation of Habitat 138,200 21,800 Education & Awareness, Training
Powell River Salmon Society Lang Remediation and Security Project 730,749 25,031 Stewardship/Community Planning
Powell River Salmon Society Lang Bay Railing Project 12,500 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Powell River Salmon Society Water Monitoring Computer Replacement 17,530 1,750 Habitat Assessment
Qualicum Beach Streamkeeper Society Community Stream Mapping Project 38,716 14,080 Stewardship/Community Planning
Qualicum Beach Streamkeeper Society Gravel Bed Protection and Enhancement 4,670 1,750 Habitat Rehabilitation
Queen Mary Elementary School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Quilchena Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,600 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Redd Fish Restoration Atleo River Watershed Landslide Stabilization 119,459 25,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
Rivers to Ridges Salmon in the Schools 129,700 10,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Rivershed Society of British Columbia Foodlands Corridor Restoration Program 150,680 25,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
RiverSprings Hatchery Hatchery Upgrade 2,450 450 Stock Enhancement
Rosemary Heights Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Roy Creek Salmonid Enhancement Society Carters Pond Solar Aeration 7,830 2,452 Stock Enhancement
S.A.Y. Lands Riparian Planting 7,960 2,420 Habitat Rehabilitation
Salmon Coast Society Health and Safety Equipment 5,253 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society Kelp Habitat Restoration 197,300 24,800 Habitat Rehabilitation
SD72 Watershed Restoration Learning Wagons 26,450 6,000 Education & Awareness, Training
Seaforth Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 2,382 632 Education & Awareness, Training
Seaforth Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Seymour Salmonid Society Hatchery Structural Project 126,200 63,000 Stock Enhancement
Shawnigan Basin Society Salmon Distribution 8,041 2,061 Stock Assessment
Sir Alexander Mackenzie School Boardwalk Restoration and Habitat Protection 41,400 10,000 Stewardship/Community Planning
Skeetchestn Natural Resources Corporation Lower Deadman River Floodplain and Riparian Restoration 521,095 118,625 Habitat Rehabilitation
Snaw-naw-as First Nation Shelly Creek Fish Passage Project 206,055 45,750 Habitat Rehabilitation
Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society Sooke River Habitat Assessment 20,000 4,500 Habitat Assessment
Southgate Middle School Floating Classroom 6,249 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Spruce City Wildlife Association Upper Fraser Small Stream Enumeration 50,426 24,641 Stock Assessment
Spruce City Wildlife Association Hatchery Brood Supplies 7,462 2,462 Stock Enhancement
Squamish River Watershed Society Salmon Restoration Opportunities Workshop 15,610 2,500 Stewardship/Community Planning
St. Mary’s School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Stewardship Pemberton Society Pacific Streamkeepers Training 2,030 615 Education & Awareness, Training
Strathcona Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,940 1690 Education & Awareness, Training
Sunshine Coast Conservation Association Salmon and Narrows Inlets Eelgrass Mapping 47,200 23,600 Habitat Assessment
Sunshine Coast Conservation Association Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish 23,290 6,000 Habitat Assessment
Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society Air and Water Temperature Recording 4,500 2,250 Habitat Assessment
Surrey Traditional Elementary Stream of Dreams 13,036 4,443 Education & Awareness, Training
Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Eggs Community Art & Science 8,330 2,500 Education & Awareness, Training
Ta’an Kwäch’än Council Chinook Salmon Stock Restoration Planning 73,395 18,585 Habitat Assessment
Tsolum River Restoration Society Level Logger Upgrade 22,404 10,729 Habitat Assessment
Ucluelet Aquarium Society Salmon Trail Outreach & Training 64,144 10,836 Education & Awareness, Training
Valleycliffe Elementary School Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
W L McLeod Elementary Stream of Dreams 13,512 4,262 Education & Awareness, Training
Walley Creek Streamkeepers Walley Creek Riparian Restoration 7,440 2,500 Habitat Rehabilitation
Wei Wai Kum First Nation Wei Wai Kum Community Stream Mapping Project 16,955 8,330 Stewardship/Community Planning
Wei Wai Kum First Nation Mill Pond Eelgrass Restoration 153,302 50,000 Habitat Rehabilitation
West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society Cypress Creek Restoration 599,381 66,188 Stock Enhancement
Westcot Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,400 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Westside Montessori Elementary Salmonids in the Classroom 3,490 1,690 Education & Awareness, Training
Wildcoast Ecological Society Habitat Education and Restoration 23,389 4,424 Stewardship/Community Planning
Williams Lake Field Naturalists/Scout Island Nature Centre New Intertidal Tank for Stream to Sea Programs 11,629 5,075 Education & Awareness, Training
Williams Lake Field Naturalists/Scout Island Nature Centre CaNOE Conference for Salmon Education Coordinators 61,635 23,670 Education & Awareness, Training
Young Naturalists’ Club of BC Society / NatureKids BC Newcomers Exploring Salmon Habitats 15,850 5,400 Education & Awareness, Training
Yucwmenlucwu (Caretakers of the Land) LLP. Splatsin Initiatives to Protect Salmon 83,624 15,684 Stock Assessment
Wei Wai Kum First Nation Loughborough Inlet Enhancement Assessment 498,412 64,563 Habitat Assessment
Total   $8,957,859 $1,445,226