Building a Business Plan to Support Community Based Stewardship in BC

This project has compiled the existing literature from BC and beyond on needs and gaps within the stewardship sector to support the case for increasing capacity of stewardship organizations. Using both research and interviews with stewardship organizations, this report examined the state of capacity building within the stewardship sector and established a framework from which to evaluate and conduct capacity building activities. This framework also includes recommendations for how to support stewardship and build the capacity of organizations serving this important role in BC.

Key findings in the report include that there is a lack of capacity building resources for stewardship organizations, and in particular, a lack of information to help organizations to find the existing resources. Compiling this information was identified as a role that the Stewardship Centre could fulfill, given its expertise in serving as an information clearinghouse, and its organizational objective to support capacity building initiatives for stewardship organizations in BC. In addition this report also recommends the development of a benchmarking tool to evaluate an organization’s current state of capacity and provide a road map for ongoing capacity building initiatives.