Communication Plan for Low Flows

The project involved developing a communication plan for periods of drought in the Nicola watershed, also referred to as low flows. The project had three main objectives: 1) a communication plan (document) that described who the main communicators would be, their respective roles, the activities each intended to undertake/implement and other pertinent information such as definitions of drought. 2) to upload the communication plan to a web site especially created for this purpose; and 3) to distribute the final communication plan to all water licensees in the Nicola watershed. The results of the project are as follows:

1) A communication plan was completed and adopted.

2) The communication plan was uploaded to a new web site with the following address: While not all of the web site is devoted to the topic of drought/low flows, the opening page gives the visitor one of three choices of where to go next for more detailed information, with information about drought being one of the choices.

3) A brochure was developed which summarized the contents of the Plan and that brochure has been distributed to all water licensees in the Nicola watershed. The brochure makes reference to the complete Communication Plan and provides a web link from where it can be downloaded in its entirety. The brochure can also be downloaded from the web site.