Conference on Early Migration and Premature Mortality in Fraser River Late-Run Sockeye Salmon: Proceedings

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This is a report on the proceedings of a conference held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in June of 2008. (…) Scott Hinch, Chair of the conference organizing committee (which included Mike Lapointe and David Patterson), explained that, since 1995, large segments of Late-run sockeye salmon populations have forgone their normal estuarine holding behaviour and have migrated up-river several weeks early, resulting in extremely high levels of migration mortality. This phenomenon has presented a huge challenge to the management of the salmon resource. The conference aim was thus to explore the current knowledge of potential causes of the change in migration behaviour and of the high mortality. Investigators from academic, government and consulting groups were invited to present research results from the past five years on these issues to an audience comprised of fisheries scientists and managers.

–Excerpt from the Proceedings’ Introduction