Developing a Wild Salmon Policy Review Framework: Stakeholder Perspectives on Review Components

At the request of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the PFRCC commissioned a report seeking advice from representatives of Environmental Non-Government Organizations (ENGOs) stakeholders and First Nations on a recommended framework for undertaking an independent evaluation of Wild Salmon Policy (WSP) implementation. The independant evaluation is mandated under Action Step 6.2 of the WSP and is to occur within five years of WSP’s adoption (i.e., 2010). This report gives the review process a head start by seeking advice from representatives of stakeholders and First Nations on review components. The results of interviews with 19 participants are analysed in terms of themes the WSP review should cover as well as process considerations. Based on the analysis, ten steps to building a practical, detailed review framework are recommended, with references to the relevant sections of the report.   View PFRCC advisory.   View complete report.