Gravel Mining Effects on British Columbia’s Wild Fish

Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council   Conseil pour la conservation des ressources halieutiques du pacifique                 27 April 2011   The Honourable Gail Shea…

What’s Happening to Wild Salmon in Your Community? What the Council Heard: Fort Langley & Sechelt Public Meetings: March 3/5 08

This report provides a summary of the feedback captured at the Fort Langley and Sechelt meetings, highlighting many of the important ideas and themes that were heard.

Evolution of Commercial Salmon Fisheries in British Columbia (The)

This paper traces the trends in fisheries management from the 1960s to the present period. The report does much to inform the public on how the fishery has evolved from a large industrial scale to the current smaller more controlled scale designed…

Salmon Stocks

(Background Paper by Carl Walters and Josh Korman, June 1999) Providing a broad species by species overview of stock status and trends for BC as a whole.

Responsible Fishing in Canada’s Pacific Region Salmon Fisheries: Synopsis

This is a synopsis of the full report, Responsible Fishing in Canada's Pacific Region Salmon Fisheries. The full report is available by clicking here.

Responsible Fishing in Canada’s Pacific Region Salmon Fisheries

This report specifically addresses the issue of responsible fishing in  Canada’s Pacific Region with a focus on the BC salmon fishery. We examine what responsible fishing means, what is driving the move towards more responsible salmon…

Salmon Aquaculture Forum: Discussion Paper on Practices & Findings (The)

The authors report on their extensive stakeholder discussions and public policy research on best practices across North America and Britain to produce this paper on resolving salmon aquaculture controversies and establishing consensus on the…

Mountain Pine Beetle: Salmon are suffering too

Climate change, mountain pine beetles and salvage logging add to challenges facing BC’s spectacular Fraser salmon runs The outbreak of mountain pine beetles across BC is unprecedented in both scale and impacts, and is making life harder for…

What’s Happening to Wild Salmon in Your Community? What the Council Heard: Haida Gwaii/QCI Public Meetings October 4-5, 2008

This report provides a summary of what the Council heard during it's two public community meetings held in Skidegate and Masset.

State of Salmon Conservation in the Central Coast Area: Background Paper

Areas 6-10 of British Columbia's Central Coast, provides a good measure of the current state of domestic stocks and their management.

Conflicts Between Agriculture and Salmon in the Eastern Fraser Valley

Agriculture operations in the eastern Fraser Valley have resulted in substantial reductions in stream, wetland and riparian areas. The current intensification of agriculture operations continues to reduce aquatic habitat and put the area’s…

Crisis in Fisheries Education: Council Advisory 2001 (A)

Effective management of fisheries on sound conservation principles is essential if we are to maintain both biodiversity and healthy salmon stocks in British Columbia.