Fraser Initiative – Phase I (Development)

Under Integrated Planning & Governance, the Fraser Initiative has enabled us to collaborate with 27 key Fraser River Basin conservation leaders on a collaborative Basin-wide effort to: inventory existing conservation efforts, develop a list of significant issues, threats and concerns to Fraser River health (i.e. using the David Suzuki Foundation’s “Fraser River Threats & Protection” Report), and develop a list of policy recommendations to be presented to government in the form of a “Fraser River Salmon & Sustainability Charter”. The Fraser Initiative supports effective multi-party watershed planning and management with a specific focus on salmon and water. We await the final DSF report, which elements of, were used to stimulate dialogue at Summit II and our partners provided feedback on. The Fraser River see-it™ “hub” has been completed. We have completed a template for partners to populate the hub (i.e. vision, mission, goals, activities, issues and policy recommendations) and are gathering this information to populate the hub. We continue to review charters, agreements and other documents to prepare our “Salmon Charter.” Once the initial draft has been completed, we will meet with the Steering Committee to review charter format and content and produce a second draft to be distributed to conservation leaders for feedback.