Horsefly Watershed Planning and Capacity Building

To continue with watershed governance development, capacity building within the community and
priority setting within the watershed.

The Roundtable continued to work with “watershed experts” to increase the local knowledge of Horsefly
Watershed Issues. This was done through presentations, invitations to roundtable meetings, the yearly Salmon
Festival and email distribution lists.

The Roundtable has been willing and able to participate in regional planning initiatives such as the Fisheries
Sensitive Designation Process and the Lakeshore Development Regulation Process. The technical committee has
worked directly with Key personnel with these processes and has kept the Roundtable updated and ensured the
interest to the government in local input into these processes. The Fisheries Sensitive Designation unfortunately
is still in the process of government review and will be released this spring for the Roundtables participation.
The technical committee has prioritized some on the ground watershed work and has provided three
prescription overview due to a great donation of time and skills of local restoration consultants.