Murray Creek Stream Rehabilitation Project

The Murray Creek Stream Rehabilitation project has been underway for four years. Our group has met with the majority of the landowners and has moved them to be on side to develop Environmental Farm Plans and to embrace water stewardship values as part of their business plans. With each season and positive results with these landowners we seemingly are convincing more individuals to come onside also.

We have created two demonstration projects which are being undertaken as a means to build local support for improved riparian practices in this predominantly agricultural land base. Our group has completed a total of 15 stream restoration projects since we started and has helped motivate farming operations to fence out an additional 11 kms of Murray Creek. We have created numerous financial partnerships that believe in our project and are willing to outright donate goods and services or reduce the cost to their services

We have also moved forward with collaboration and working partnerships with Northern Health, the University of Northern BC and the Northern Regional Drinking water Team. This has helped raise the profile and benefits