Phase IV – Implementation Steps to a Coquitlam River Watershed Governance Strategy

Building on terms of reference for a watershed planning team or coalition for the Coquitlam River watershed, this project undertook the first steps in implementing a governance strategy framework for the Coquitlam River watershed. The framework that was endorsed by the project team and community and participants at the last community meeting in Phase III (March 18, 2010) is called a Roundtable.

The objectives of this phase of the Coquitlam River Watershed Strategy were to 1) secure support for the establishment of the Roundtable from each of the project partners and a variety of other government and nongovernment stakeholders; 2) form a transition planning team to plan and host the first Roundtable meeting; 3) identify and confirm members of a Core Committee to serve the needs of the Roundtable and; 4) hold the first Roundtable meeting and a follow-up Core Committee meeting. All of these objectives were successfully accomplished.