Watershed Communications

The Watershed Communications project was meant to increase information sharing within the community around issues, concerns, programs, opportunities for collaboration and local projects. The objectives were to provide information for better decision making, initiate new partnerships and to help all parties leverage time and resources.

Results included:

• A new working partnership with the Lhtako Dene Nation on the Dragon Creek Restoration and Management.

• Working with the Cariboo Regional District on: bringing in a speaker related to local watershed issues and climate change for Forest Capital of Canada event, Dragon Creek Restoration and Management, increased promotion for equipment operators riparian education workshops.

• Potential to work with the Native Friendship Centre on nature tourism opportunities.

• Participation in OCP Fringe area planning with CRD around riparian areas.

• Planning with City of Quesnel which led to: Farmers Market promotion of sustainable living, Winter Festival (1230 participants to stations such as Salt Water Tank Introduction, Salmon Life-Cycle, and Bird Watching), Earth Week (working with Downtown Association and City on an Earth Day Run and local business advertising their green initiatives through earth week), Sustainability Planning at the Corporate and Community Level.